Dear Friends of Little Sandy Baptist,

Tomorrow morning we begin our "Special Meetings" with Pastor Cary Borkert from Portsmouth, Virginia.  Pastor and Mrs. Borkert both have servants' hearts and desire to be used by God while at our church.
I read this morning, in a Baptist Bread devotional entitled "The Place Where Revival Begins," that one definition of Revival is "The church falling in love with Jesus all over again!"  Wow!  Isn't that what we all need?  To 'fall in love', all over again, with Jesus!  Why, you might ask?  Why should we want to or do such a thing?  One reason, among multitudes, will suffice.  In the words of the blind Fanny Crosby, "I shall know Him, I shall know Him,  .. By the prints of the nails in His hands." Need we say more?  Because He is our Lord, and Savior, Christ is not just to be first in our lives, He is to be preeminent, in ALL things!
Will you join me in prayer that our church will be Revived?

Pastor Tim