Missions: The Life-Blood of the Church

Dear Friends of Little Sandy Baptist,

It was just two weeks ago that Fred, Christie and Sean Basto shared with us their ministry in the Philippines, a country that is half way around the world.  Tomorrow evening, August 23rd, we meet a missionary who is on his way to Norway.  Nahum O'Brien is just beginning his pre-field ministry.  On September 13th, we will meet another new missionary to our church, Brother Eric Stovall and family.  The Stovalls have been on pre-field ministry for nearly three years.  For some, the question may rise, Why Missions? Why would families spend 3 to 5 years raising support?  Why would people leave their families, and give their lives to tell others of the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ?  Further, why then would Little Sandy Baptist partner with missionaries in their service for God, given that many serve in foreign countries?
It was Pastor Randy Carroll who I first heard use the phrase, "Missions is the Life-Blood of the Church."  Many times in the ensuing years I have quoted or thought about that statement.  I am convinced that it is indeed right on target.  Missions is what keeps a church actively spreading the truth that Jesus Saves!  Missions gets our focus off ourselves, and on to the needs of others.  Missions obeys the command to 'Go into all the world . . "  Missions is indeed, The Life-Blood of the Church.  May God give us a renewed heart for Missions and Missionaries.